Megan Kirk Chang, CYA-RYT, MA, PhD (c)

I'm so grateful you're here! As a researcher, health coach, and yoga teacher, I am passionate about contributing to the field of trauma treatment. I have always believed that trauma is experienced physically and I developed this program to help people address their bodily sensations to better process trauma. Using a blend of psychosomatic awareness, cognitive behavioural therapy, and life coaching, I'm on a mission to help people who have experienced trauma of any kind repair and restore their mind-body connection. As a PhD Candidate in Health Sciences at York University, this program was designed as the first registered clinical trial in Canada to investigate the effectiveness of an online trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness intervention for young adults with PTSD. I explored how the body responded to the intervention using exciting new wearable health technologies (e.g., ECG, FitBit, TobiiPro Glasses). Currently, I work as a Trauma Recovery Coach and Mental Health Coach with CAMH and the University Health Network. I have coached a repertoire of clients including elite athletes, men with prostate cancer, young adults with PTSD, palliative care patients and youth-at-risk to achieve optimal mental and physical health. 


This program is for adults, 18+, that have experienced any type of traumatic event that they believe they have not yet fully recovered from*. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and/or complex trauma are largely misunderstood diagnoses and I believe a large number of people are silently suffering because they do not feel they “qualify” as having PTSD because of they way it is defined in clinical settings. As a 25-year trauma survivor, I have struggled on and off for decades with managing my own triggers and feeling misunderstood because of my protective tendencies. It means the world to get to share what has helped me heal with people who also may be silently struggling. Welcome! 

*There is a clinical screening required to participate in this program. Please note that this program does not replace the guidance and treatment recommendations by your health care provider, psychiatrist, or therapist. Adults currently exposed to trauma will be referred to more appropriate treatment.

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Megan Kirk Chang, CYA-RYT, MA, PhD(c)

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