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Welcome to the Heal My Trauma Website

All programs, services and resources are aimed to empower you to discover your personal "trauma body" and identify where traumatic energy remains stored in your body. The unique programs and services offered help you understand how unresolved trauma shows up emotionally with protective "trauma masks" that are preventing you from feeling fully alive. Learn to uncover the protective patterns holding you back by accessing the  inner wisdom of your body to help recalibrate and gently restore your mind-body connection. 

Misty Slopes


This has been an amazing experience, it has been life-changing. I have learned so much about myself and I am so thankful for this opportunity. I have learned about how to reduce my stress and sit with my emotions. Most importantly, I am proud of myself as I have learned to lived in my own skin for the last 8 weeks. Thank you for everything!!

- Client, Age 35

The Wisdom of Our Wounds: Healing from Trauma Course

Private Client Access Only

Week 1

Start Where You Are

Week 3

Your Body Has Your Back

Week 5

Embrace the Suffering

Week 7

Towards Forgiveness


My Favourite Resources

Week 2

The Ebb & Flow

Week 4

Emotional Imprint

Week 6

The Second Arrow

Week 8

Facing Forward

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